Dope Goat 98% CBD Shatter


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The latest offering from Canevolve is this amazing CBD shatter. With 5 punchy flavours to choose from..


Vymto CBD shatter is a berry blitz explosion of flavour, enjoy your fix with this premium grade extract.

Lemon Chew

This mouth smackingly juicy lemon chew flavour will crash onto your taste buds dabbing this top grade shatter

Red Bully

Don’t expect this dab to give you wings, just some real chill vibes. Sweet flavour & premium shatter

Jelly Snakes

Jelly Snakes dab pairs the sweet shop favourite flavour with premium grade shatter! What more could you ask for?

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry for the dub, this sweet & juicy fruit will have you looking forward to every hit! Naturally premium shatter from the goat!

CBD Shatter is a type of concentrate that has increased in popularity because of its increased concentration of CBD. Since it possesses a very concentrated amount of CBD, it enables you to receive a high dose while inhaling less during the process. Meaning you get great results without the need to use as much product in comparison to other combustible options. Shatter is produced from the Hemp plant. Its name originated from the appearance it forms once the CBD is extracted and purified. It has a shattered glass-like form and consistency.

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