Black Leaf Galileo's SteamOmeter Dab Rig


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It is typical for steampunk worlds that industrialisation is progressing there with machines and equipment of all kinds that are operated with steam, not electricity. ‘Galileo's SteamOmeter' is a prime example of a retro-futuristic steam machine, extraordinary, extravagant and yet fully and excellently functional.

The awesome percolator oil bong from Black Leaf is technically sophisticated and offers an eccentric as well as a very stylish way for dabbing. The banger is accompanied by a carb cap, which boosts steam production. Of course, you can also smoke herbs and flowers with this oil rig, all you have to do is replace the banger with a herb bowl.

The drum percolator produces many air swirls and water bubbles which cool and filters the steam. As if that is not enough, the built-in recycling function lets the raised water flow back again, enriching it with fresh oxygen. For even more filtration and a purer taste. And full aromatic steam!

With attention to detail, the futuristic retro look of the inventive steampunk spirit is skilfully interpreted. Typical steampunk objects like gears, screws, nitro condenser (contains a coloured glycerine solution), manometer and the copper coating make Galileo's SteamOmeter a real gem and almost too good to dab or smoke with - just almost, as it makes too much fun to do it with this great pipe!

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