CBDfx Hemp Lavender Face Mask with 50mg CBD

CBDfx Hemp Lavender Face Mask with 50mg CBD


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The Finishing Touch to a Perfect Skincare Routine

Tackle stress with the CBDfx Hemp Lavender Face Mask. Feel serene and relaxed while locking in moisture, activating antioxidants that rejuvenate skin from the inside. Enjoy this soothing treat whenever life gets too hectic or stressful.


Bring on the lavender! Prepare to relax as this calming floral scent nestles your senses. Bringing tense nerves to a halt with these soothing face masks from CBDFx is really easy. Gracing all who use them with tranquility and comfort, CBDFx’s Lavender Face Masks are a must have for day or night. Whether working long hours or trying to find some peace before sleep, allow these facial spheres to dress skin in their gentle embrace and restore it back to life.

Only Best Quality Ingredients

Out with the stressful day. In with better skin! With their 10-minute activation time, there’s no need to put off healthy beauty any longer. These CBDfx Face Masks offer unbelievable hydration while delivering the benefits of CBD in a calming lavender aroma that’ll remind you of grandma’s kitchen (minus all the candles).


This is not an average mask; it also contains powerful botanicals like rosemary and honey extract that deliver antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant ingredients for glowing skin without irritation or redness. Sensitive types beware – these masks don’t contain parabens or nasty things because our company knows how important it is to serve customers’ needs holistically rather than give them crap products full of chemicals they could get anywhere.

CBDfx Hemp Lavender Face Mask with 50mg CBD

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