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Chongz Organic King Size Hemp Papers With Tips


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100% Natural

When it comes to smoking accessories & equipment, Chongz delivers on their promise of quality. Like their bongs, Chongz Rolling papers are produced to impart nothing but the best to the other side. The Natural & Hemp papers are curated with natural ingredients, are 100% Vegan, and do not contain any kind of chemicals or additives. 

Quality Paper

The Vegan Rolling Papers do not only burn clean but also provide the complete taste and flavour profile of the substance. They are ultra-thin, slow-burning papers, designed to ensure you enjoy your smoking session.

Tips included

Chongz Rolling Papers are a convenient and affordable way to skin up, as they ensure you have everything you need to roll a world-class rollie. Each pack of the rolling paper contains 33 papers and tips made from Organic, Unbleached Paper.

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