Headchef Hexcellence Silk Touch Grinder


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The brand new Headchef Hexcellence Silk Touch range comes in four exclusive colours. White, Charcoal Black, Orange and Teal. As well as all the superb design features of the existing Hexcellence range the Silk Touch range has a totally unique coating that gives the grinder a smooth and silky feel in the hand.  Each colour has a two tone effect, the White & Teal grinders have brushed steel effect teeth and the Charcoal Black and Chocolate Orange grinders have stylish dark bronze teeth. This gives the Silk Touch a stylish and sophisticated appearance that really sets it apart!

– 55mm 4 Part Metal Hexcellence Silk Touch Grinder with a unique stylish hexagonal design.

– 2 Tone Colour: External – White / Internal – Silver 

– 2 Tone Colour: External – Charcoal Black / Internal – Dark Bronze

– 2 Tone Colour: External – Teal / Internal – Silver 

-2 Tone Colour: External – Chocolate Orange / Internal – Dark Bronze 

– Magnetic Lid – Made From High Quality Materials

– Super Sharp Teeth – Hexagonal Grip Top

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