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A Whole New Level Of Fun And Recreation With Cannabis

A Cannabis board game? The best recreational activity for groups of 2, up to 6 people. Your customers are allowed to get a little high before playtime, but sober is still great. Quite a unique and thrilling game to take away the stress of a terrible day, the usual tension and suspense of great board games, this time with a twist of cannabis. Sounds like something your cannabis-loving customers will love?

Get our Hemp Heroes Cannabis Boardgame 2-6 Players to give you the unspeakable thrill of a cannabis board game. Each pack on display includes a vibrant board and playing cards, as well as genuine Cannabis Gram Money.

What Do Players Get?

1 Hemp Heroes game board, 6 pawns, 24 cannabis strains/coffeeshop property cards, Cannabis Gram money, 30 Smokercards, 2 dice, 30 bottles of Mister Maka CBD oil.

The goal of Hemp Heroes is to acquire all of a company’s cannabis strains. If you land your pawn on an unsold strain or coffee shop, you can buy it. Beware of the Smokercards! You never know if the next one you draw is something good or bad.

Get the Cannabis Boardgame today at our premium prices.

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