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Milan oil is designed to ensure that the pattern on the skin (mehendi) of henna is applied more evenly and lasts longer.

In recent years, the fashion for the East is becoming more and more widespread. Along with this fashion, the mysterious word "mehendi"was often mentioned. It is a temporary drawing of a special paint on different parts of the body. This pattern is an excellent alternative to a tattoo. For example, if You want to make a tattoo, but want to see how it will look before applying it "forever", you can draw it with paint for mehendi. In this case, it will remain on the skin for up to several weeks. In order for the drawing to maintain the sharpness of its contours for a longer time, it needs to be taken care of. To do this, immediately after drawing it, you need to cover it with oil.

The oil performs a number of functions. First, it softens the skin, since immediately after applying the paint, the skin in this place can significantly dry out. To preserve the natural softness of the skin, this Milan oil is simply irreplaceable. It has a high-quality natural composition, compared, for example, with the usual emollient cream, which means that it copes with this function much better.

Another important function of oil Milan is the disinfection of the skin. Immediately after applying mehendi, you need to disinfect the drawing, and here the usual cream will not exactly fit.

Another important purpose of oil for mehendi, as its name suggests, is to fix the brightness of the drawing. After applying this product, the pattern will last longer on the skin, will not turn pale under the influence of the sun and when interacting with water.

Instructions for use: use a cotton pad to Apply mehendi oil to the area of your hands or feet where you plan to draw mehendi. Leave on for 10 minutes to allow the oil to absorb. Remove any excess with a tissue. Then apply henna. Leave the drawing to dry (more than 1 hour). Then remove the dried henna and apply some mehendi oil. To save the drawing for a longer time, it is recommended to lubricate it with mehendi oil every day.