RAW Metal Keyring Keychain Silver


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Two-In-One Keychain And Rolling Paper

Losing keys can be one of the most frustrating events that can happen to anyone. If you have ever been locked out of your house because of a missing key, you will appreciate this sturdy, lightweight, durable key chain. This product is secure and fashionable and ensures that customers never run out of rolling paper.

Nothing Beats Convenience And Durability

This product is more than a keychain; the RAW logo is a natural unrefined rolling paper that aids tobacco intake. Furthermore, the key chain has a round strong metal ring that keeps your keys firmly in place. The keyring is fastened to the embossed RAW logo by a short silver chain, making it easy and convenient to carry anywhere.

You can use the RAW metal keyring keychain to organize your house keys, car keys, hang cards, and make arts and crafts projects. You can also use this key chain to connect charms, clasps, and other ornaments.

The reputation of this keychain precedes it as its reputation is second to none, making it the go-to product for most customers.

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