Rolls Smart Filter VIP 60 Pack - 6mm

Rolls Smart Filter VIP 60 Pack - 6mm

Rolls 69 filters

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The filter tips of Rolls® are especially designed to prevent scratchy throat, cough, hot smoke and inhaling harmful substances. These are particularly good for use with blunt papers and blunt wraps.

Package includes a total of 60 pieces.

The filter tips from rolls are specially designed to make every aspect of the smoking experience improved and allot of the harm such as tar and pollutants removed. The tip is rolled half inside and half out with the filter side rolled inside the king paper. This product can be used by a cone roller with a rizla tobacco rolling machine to make unbleached pre rolled cones (not designed for use with cigarettes or a cigarette).

This is the new gold standard in smoking accessories! These tips are without flavour but can be used with juicy jays flavoured rolling papers or clear cellulose papers. These tips are commonly enjoyed with raws organic hemp black leaves. This product will replace the perforated roach or jilter filter that you are used to smoking and is used as an alternative to plastic bongs or a bong bowl. Packs come in multiple coloured packaging: red, blue green and orange.

Integrated Cooling System : Integrated and unique cooling system with the latest laser technology reduces the smoking temperature so you can enjoy your "herbal mixture" even more. Filter effect: By using the special Rolls filter tips, pollutants such as tar, ammonia, condensates and other particles are filtered out. For less stress, no scratching and more taste!

Ready to spin: Without lengthy preparation, the Rolls filter tips can be used directly. For the maximum effect of the cooling system, only half of the filter is screwed into the Rolling Paper.

Suction holes: The suction holes in the upper part of the filter tip create a vacuum around the filter. This ensures a uniform burning of the paper and ensures that the mixture always has a perfect train.

Gift idea for connoisseurs: The ideal gift for special friends who appreciate the high smoking pleasure.

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