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Sports CBD Bath Bomb 25mg


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  • The best selling CBD Bath Bombs in the UK - this one is made especially for sports and recovery.
  • Amazing refreshing scent coming from the natural camphor contains within the CBD Bath Bomb.
  • Hand crafted in a GMP compliant facility based in the UK.

Our brand new CBD Bath Bomb for sports and recovery has been hand made with ingredients selected because of their own personal properties. These ingredients have been shown to actively target areas which could benefit those going through a period of sports recovery. We are proud to say our entire CBD Bath Bomb range is vegan friendly, cruelty free and contains pharmaceutical grade CBD.

Beneficial Ingredients Found In The Sports CBD Bath Bomb Include:

CBD - Shown to aid in reducing pain and inflammation while helping the body recover.

Camphor - Naturally proven to help in reducing inflammation surrounding the muscles and joints.

Pine - Stimulates circulation - this helps soothe inflammation, soreness, pain and even gout.

Wintergreen - Works as a counter irritant which causes irritation that reduces pain and swelling in the underlying tissue.

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