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Portable Metal Grinder With Razor Sharp Teeth

Our elegant Best Buds Smoke Me Metal Grinder is a must-have in any weed accessory inventory. If you are looking for something durable, then this item will do the trick. 

This super durable unit consists of four parts. It has a lid featuring an attractive design. The lid is connected to the teeth with a magnetic lock. The super sharp metal teeth are not glued to the grinder. They are crafted using milled metal, which enables them to grind easily and efficiently to the desired texture. Once ground, the herb will be sieved into a bottom compartment that also serves as stash storage. The grinder also features a pollinator that reliably collects pollen.

Compact and Durable Design

This grinder is more on the portable side, making it an ideal choice for your customers who love grinding on the go. It has a diameter of 5cm, and it weighs only 144g. Don’t let the small size deceive you; this grinder is a heavy-duty unit that will last many years. The lightweight grinder features magnetic closure, and it comes with shark teeth for an effortless grind. What to do with the leftover herb? The grinder comes with a storage compartment that comes in handy whenever there is leftover product. It’s also quite easy to clean and maintain.

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