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A Simple Drawstring Bag for Basically Everything

The Raw Drawstring Bag in Black is a perfectly sturdy bag that is one size fits all! It’s a lightweight, durable yet rugged bag where you can pack daily essentials. The RAW Drawstring Bag is a quick carry-all that is also convenient to own. Its light weightedness makes it easy to fold up and be stored anywhere. It can also fit into a small jacket pocket, just in case you need a small bag on the go. Its unique black & tan colour makes it easy to go well with all outfits while maintaining an excellent look at the same time!

You can even expand this bag to contain a lot of personal effects, including a pair of shoes and a mini laptop. It is also made of cotton so that it won’t absorb thermal energy and heat everything inside the bag.

A Bag That You Can Take Anywhere.

You can use this drawstring bag in any setting. To the beach, for hangouts, when going for a sleepover. Even better, diehard hemp lovers can get to show off the enormous RAW brand name emblazoned on the bag.
Purchase our RAW Drawstring Bag Black today at great prices that you will not find anywhere else.

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